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Tehilim Series "David" Coin
Humility and Joy Coin Set

These unique, 1.5 inch die-struck brass coins make a perfect gift for spiritually oriented friends and
family. They are also ideal gifts for special occasions such as graduations, seminars, retreats, and
Tehilim (Psalms) "David" Coin

Our newest coin. It derives its inspriation from the first book of Psalms - Psalm 1-41, which are the
oldest of King David's Psalms. The "David" coin is a die struck brass coin, plated in
pure silver, with
center images plated in
24 KT gold.  It is struck on both sides. This is the first of our coins to be
offered as a necklace with a sterling silver chain and bezel, or with the bezel only ready for your own
chain. Price starts at $18.00 for the coin only in a hard plastic coin case in a gift box. Every coin order
comes with a full color brochure explaining the coin and how to use it.