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"I enjoy carrying these beautiful coins in my pockets. Unlike paper notes, they don't disintegrate and never need to be rewritten or replaced. Even when it's
not convenient to pull them out and read them, just feeling them through the fabric  serves as a reminder to maintain a balanced outlook about my own
importance. They're also an interesting, elegant way to introduce students, friends, and anyone else who's curious, to the tradition of consulting these
messages when we go too far to one extreme."

Gail Tosto
Austin, Texas
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They are fun to look at and ponder, very beautifully done. I particularly like the fact that the explanation in the brochure does not impute any special power
to the coins, just as other Jewish paraphernalia such as tfillin and tsitsis and mezuzos do not.  But they are useful reminders. I really like them.

Mark Schnitzer
Ritual Committee Head  
Temple Beth Shalom
Puerto Rico
    This is a link to my music website, mentioned in the Hadassah March 2008 issue article, for those who are interested.

    StillVoice Music
    Here is an interesting article titled "G-d On Money" by Stephen Kovaka, CPA
You can read a chapter from it about the Spirituality of Money at the link.
Coins and money have played an important, even mystical, role in human development. We endeavor to provide new,
unique, and spiritually based coins and objects to help further the development of a 'spirit-aware economy'.  We will also  
provide offerings from faith traditions who have used coins for spiritual reasons, such as ritual donations, charms,
affirmations, and charity.
11/04/2008 - Coming Soon! The Tehilim "David" SoulCoin will be available in early November. A new, high quality,
spiritually-based coin and necklace. Check back for updates and availability. Planned availability date is 11/11/2008.

07/28/2008 - We've added some links in the Comments & Links section on the subject of Money and Spirituality.
One is a link to a recent article titled
"G-d On Money" by Stephen Kovaka, CPA.
07/21/2008 - Our customers have done it again, and have allowed us to merit being able to contribute to another
worthy cause. Focusing locally this time, this charitable donation has gone to

LifeWorks provides the most comprehensive network of services for youth and families in Austin, Texas. They
offer a safety net of support to more than 10,000 youth and families every year. LifeWorks’ services to runaway
and homeless youth are a national model, providing a pathway from street life to self-sufficiency.
05/15/08 - Graduation and Confirmation is coming! SoulCoins make a great gift to young people starting their next
adventure. Carrying the wisdom of  SoulCoins with them can help them to stay grounded and focused on their
spiritual priorities.
03/26/2008 - The continued enthusiastic response to our initial SoulCoin coin set offering has allowed us to make
our second charitable donation, this time to
Partners In Health, who provide health care services to the poorest
people in several countries. Thank you for your support!
03/10/2008 - SoulCoin received a nice write-up in the March, 2008 issue of Hadassah Magazine (page 34). The
current issue of the magazine will also be posted on their website. Check it out!
02/05/2008 - Thank You! Thanks to our customer's much appreciated support of  SoulCoin, we have made our first
charity offering to
America's Second Harvest, which provides food assistance to more than 25 million low-income
hungry people in the United States, including more than 9 million children and nearly 3 million seniors.
1/30/2008 - Read article about SoulCoin in the February Issue of the Austin Jewish Outlook
12/20/2007 - Read the latest Press Release about the Humility and Joy Coin Set